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C22 Processing including
120, 127, 620, 122, etc.
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Did you find old, exposed films in your house and wonder what is on them? We can process them and provide you with prints and digital of any images that may be recoverable. We will provide them in color when the color dyes have stayed intact, or in black and white when the color dyes have weakened. A lot of factors govern how well the films have weathered the years, such as storage conditions, age, humidity and kind of film used. For that reason, we cannot guarantee the results. However, we will handle the film carefully and recover any images that we can. We have more than 25 years experience processing old films. Kodachrome color slide film is currently only processed with black and white results.
Current Processing Times:
NON-RUSH 8-12 lab wks*
126 and 110 film service is Paused
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Digital images included with your prints of recoverable images!
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