Disc Film Services

Disc film was developed by Kodak in the early 1980's.

Although we cannot guarantee results due to the age of the film, we believe our process is the best for recovery of any images present on the disc film.

With developing and printing orders, we provide a free CD of all recoverable images.

 If your film was kept in cool or moderate indoor conditions (closet, drawer, dry basement, etc), there is a high chance of decent recovery of the images on your disc films. If your disc film was stored in an extremely hot area such as an attic or an outdoor shed for a few months after it was exposed, your chances of image recovery will be less. Because film dyes weaken over time, some color, tone and saturation shifts may occur, but we do take the time and apply some  image  correction to each of the recovered images after scanning.

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Current Order Processing Times:
Developing Orders:
6-8 weeks
Scanning/Reprint Orders
4-6 weeks

All rush orders: 10 lab days

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